… you think they exist, but you’re not sure you’ll get to see them.


I’m waiting for a few of my students to show up for some presentations they’re supposed to do today. Two have already told me they can’t make it today (apparently another teacher demands that they’re present at his lesson, sigh), so I’ve rescheduled their presentations for next week. I really hope the other show up, because waiting like this SUCKS! I suppose I could correct some papers… but I’m the worst teacher out there; so I won’t.

Okay, so I might look through a few of them, might be interesting what they have to say about Dystopia. Me: I love Dystopia, mainly because Scifi is Dystopia – name ONE Scifi with a happy plot and only rainbows and unicorns! Yeah, thought so!!! 

funny_santa_cardAnyhow, today’s the big Christmas Party here at work and I have almost no time to get my shit together… good thing I’m such a natural  beauty (hey! try not to laugh!). My friend is helping me with my hair and makeup, so I know those will look just fab (Love you S!).

Better check the hallway for students…