Today was good. I’ve spent it in Gothenburg, at uni, and they didn’t trash my assignment at all. I even found a woman who wants to work with me on the paper we’re doing next term! I’m really happy about this, because they (uni. duh) told us today that we HAVE to work in pairs for the paper (cutting down costs when it comes to supervisors etc.). First I got a little miffed, my idea is genius (of course!), but then I figured; as long as I write one and pass I’m happy to do whatever it takes. Happily enough she thought my idea was good and she had the possibility to do similar tests with her students. Yay!


After a whole day of thinking (I try not to do that generally), I’m all spent and wish I didn’t have classes tomorrow… I just know I’m going to be even more spaced out then usual, and to top it off I have a parent-teacher conference in the afternoon (let’s see if they show up this time). If they choose to do another no-show I’ll just send them a letter and leave it at that… this IS the 4th date we’ve set! *grumbles.*

Anyhow, on to something much more interesting and not to mention fun: my hair!
I really hope that there’s enough time for them to colour and cut it tomorrow. They claim it only takes 90 minutes to do, but I have my doubts… good thing the lesson after lunch is watching a film – I can always ask someone from the reception to get them started. It’s going to be sooo nice to have bangs that don’t cover half of my face! At the moment I style them to one side, but they keep falling in front of my eyes; and whenever I put my knitted cap on I have to spend a few minutes arranging them so I don’t look completely daft (difficult, I know…).

Well, now I’m feeling some slight motion sickness (I’m sitting on the train on my way home) and if I want to avoid chucking my tea I need to stop blogging.

*barfs.* No, not really…