For some strange reason my nails are hard, usually they break for nothing, but now I’ve got nice pointy fingernails. Last time they looked like this I was pregnant with the little one (things that make you go hmmm). I’m sure I’m not pregnant, very sure, but I can’t think  of any reason why my nails suddenly started to behave like I want them to. I painted them a lovely pink colour, but that’s kinda stupid since it’s going to chip off soon. That’s what you get when you have a baby and diapers and have to wash your hands every other second. But tonight I’ll enjoy having pretty nails: My my, they’re lovely…

Tomorrow it’s back to work, I have a parent-teacher conference in the afternoon (unless the mother cancels on me again) and the pleasure of only teaching my IB students. Not that my non-IB students aren’t lovely… it’s just that the actual course is so much more fun. But I guess it’s what you make it, and I try my hardest for the students to have a good time while learning English. Equal amount of work and play.

19f3c3ae411511e2808622000a1f9aaf_7You might have read something about me being on a diet… Yeah, didn’t go so great. I think I only lasted a day; my self discipline is nonexistent. I try so hard to only eat things that are good for you, no candy or cake or crisps. Yesterday I seemed to have forgotten all about that when the kids and I had to kill some time; stuffed my face with a Danish pastry (plus a glass of Fanta, that my son all of a sudden decided he didn’t like).

Hating going to the gym is another thing that doesn’t help me losing weight and getting slimmer… although I realized that listening to a good story (in this case The Hunger Games) makes the time on that hated cross trainer go so much faster. Now I only need to find the power cord for my mp3 player (it would suck if it ran out of power next time I forced myself to work out).

Now I need to decide what to do with my bangs tomorrow (they’re waaay too long) and also if I’m tired enough to not bother with contacts. Decisions, decisions, decisions… f557ef443ebb11e2abce22000a1f96d4_7