Okay, so I sent my uni assignment in on time; which is a first for me this term. I think it sucks big time. I don’t have the time or energy to do it well, worst excuse ever, I know. We’re supposed to be looking for literature and/or previous essays with similar topics and so far I’ve not done that at all (why does it have to be so serious?).

What I need to do is to go sit at our local library and disappear from the world for a few hours. But how do I do that without feeling bad about not being with my kids on a Saturday? And now Christmas is coming along, with everything that “needs to be done” and all I want is to stay at home and bake and make decorations and just enjoy being with my family.

Tomorrow’s another day where I won’t have time for my studies since I need to take the twins, and myself, to the hairdresser. I would love to get my hair coloured, but that takes hours and with the kids coming along that’s just not going to happen. I’ll be lucky if they can cut my hair without the kids going crazy from waiting (I can picture them hanging from the ceiling).

It’s snowing (again), I don’t think it’s really stopped since last weekend. A lovely winter wonderland, if only someone would shovel our driveway (yeah yeah the husband does that mostly, but he’s starting to whine about it, and I tire of listening to him)…


Next week I’m going to uni for seminars, hopefully they won’t trash my assignment completely.