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I suck at math.

It’s almost like a handicap, because I seem to always get my numbers wrong. Today is a prime example of the fact that I can’t use math in any way.

One of my classes is going to start to work with some students from the Ukraine; we’re using Google+ and the hangouts to talk to each other. This is a great thing! I don’t have to come up with everything we do myself and the students are really looking forward to it.

Now to the problem: I forgot about the time difference and now we only have 30 minutes to do this!!! I’m such a bad bad bad teacher. (No, don’t argue with me! I AM a bad bad bad teacher.) Epic fail. *drum roll and takes a bow.*

I almost wish I did get stuck at home today… *grumbles.* I forgot to bring lunch as well, if I wasn’t on a diet (stop laughing!) I’d go buy tons and tons of chocolates from the cafeteria.

I guess I could go and eat with the students… Nah, ain’t gonna happen.