Alright, I’m all for snow in the winter. Big big fan! But this… this is getting ridiculous!!!


I spent about one hour shoveling snow on the driveway, we had about 30 cm or something close to it, and it needed to go if I am to have any chance of getting to work tomorrow. Funny thing (oh hahaha); if they don’t bring the snowplow round before 7am I’m not going to be able to get out of here. We have a good 50 cm out on the road at the moment and it’s not looking to stop with the snowing anytime soon.

I’ll get stuck at home, feeling lousy that I’m not at work and wondering if they believe me when I say I’m snowed in. They don’t have as much snow in the town where my school is at (it’s a 40 minute drive by car); on Monday I started laughing while walking from the parking lot into the school. There the snow barely covered the ground, at home we had it up to our knees!

Anyhow, this year I can believe we’ve entered December and that Christmas is just around the corner. Last year was such a downer when it came to the snow department, I think even Christmas eve was without snow… and that’s just plain wrong! It’s not as if Santa has wheels to put on his sled, because then it would be a wagon.

“Rudolph with your nose so bright, will you guide my wagon tonight?” No no no! We can’t have that and if this snow goes and melts on me I’ll get really cross! Stupid global warming…

Alright, alright I’ll shut up now. Need to work on my assignment for university anyway.