Today was one of those days you wish you stayed in bed…


I was 50 min late for work; car covered in snow, slow driving and a husband that had a conference call that lasted a bit longer than he thought. Barreling into the classroom with my bags in tow and my knitted cap half way off I think I convinced the students that I am certifiably mad. I started giving instructions to what they were supposed to do, but had to stop talking because the zipper on my coat got stuck and I had to wriggle around like a worm dancing the mambo before I could get it open.

Now, when my first lesson is over, I realize I have to go and fill the car up with gas and find an ATM because I owe some students money. I bought some fair trade things from them on Friday and promised to bring the money today; of course I forgot. But hey, who wouldn’t on a day like this?

If I could I would hide in the teacher’s lounge, drinking tea, eating some chocolate I bought from the cafeteria and read the very good novel I’m currently reading: Christmas in Wine Country by Addison Westlake. So far so very good!

But no… have to get my coat on and fill that car up, otherwise I won’t get very far tonight.