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… but I’m in such a funk anyway; I’m guessing it’s post-work stress. Tired to the bone and crying for nothing, not even sure chocolate would work at the moment (will have to try that theory though).

Christmas is in two days and I’m not feeling the least bit of Christmas cheer. We put the tree up and everything today, but still nothing. Am I just pathetic (no, don’t answer that)?







We’re playing our way through Dragon Age Origins at the moment, taking turns at hacking and slashing with our characters. I just wish it was a longer adventure, things go so fast, especially when you know exactly where to go and what to do. At the moment I have a rogue running around trying to survive an encounter on the roads (I rage quit the other night, totally the most grown up thing to do!) and tonight I created a mage (because burning things with massive fire balls is so much fun!).


Anyhow, to not get into an even bigger funk I think I need to get me that chocolate (and maybe have a shower, before I smell all funky too).


Happy Christmas my darlings!




… you think they exist, but you’re not sure you’ll get to see them.


I’m waiting for a few of my students to show up for some presentations they’re supposed to do today. Two have already told me they can’t make it today (apparently another teacher demands that they’re present at his lesson, sigh), so I’ve rescheduled their presentations for next week. I really hope the other show up, because waiting like this SUCKS! I suppose I could correct some papers… but I’m the worst teacher out there; so I won’t.

Okay, so I might look through a few of them, might be interesting what they have to say about Dystopia. Me: I love Dystopia, mainly because Scifi is Dystopia – name ONE Scifi with a happy plot and only rainbows and unicorns! Yeah, thought so!!! 

funny_santa_cardAnyhow, today’s the big Christmas Party here at work and I have almost no time to get my shit together… good thing I’m such a natural  beauty (hey! try not to laugh!). My friend is helping me with my hair and makeup, so I know those will look just fab (Love you S!).

Better check the hallway for students…


She is so sweet and has such a hard time; with her dieting, looking for love (in all the wrong places) and she’s a total chocoholic.


I can see the movie over and over again (not the second one, it’s not as good). Another bonus is that she kinda nicked the story from Pride and Prejudice, the second one seems to be a ripoff of Persuasion (which is my absolute fav Austen novel btw).

My hair turned out brill!!! Love it, love it, love it!


I’m definitely going back to them next time it’s time for another spit and polish.



Today was good. I’ve spent it in Gothenburg, at uni, and they didn’t trash my assignment at all. I even found a woman who wants to work with me on the paper we’re doing next term! I’m really happy about this, because they (uni. duh) told us today that we HAVE to work in pairs for the paper (cutting down costs when it comes to supervisors etc.). First I got a little miffed, my idea is genius (of course!), but then I figured; as long as I write one and pass I’m happy to do whatever it takes. Happily enough she thought my idea was good and she had the possibility to do similar tests with her students. Yay!


After a whole day of thinking (I try not to do that generally), I’m all spent and wish I didn’t have classes tomorrow… I just know I’m going to be even more spaced out then usual, and to top it off I have a parent-teacher conference in the afternoon (let’s see if they show up this time). If they choose to do another no-show I’ll just send them a letter and leave it at that… this IS the 4th date we’ve set! *grumbles.*

Anyhow, on to something much more interesting and not to mention fun: my hair!
I really hope that there’s enough time for them to colour and cut it tomorrow. They claim it only takes 90 minutes to do, but I have my doubts… good thing the lesson after lunch is watching a film – I can always ask someone from the reception to get them started. It’s going to be sooo nice to have bangs that don’t cover half of my face! At the moment I style them to one side, but they keep falling in front of my eyes; and whenever I put my knitted cap on I have to spend a few minutes arranging them so I don’t look completely daft (difficult, I know…).

Well, now I’m feeling some slight motion sickness (I’m sitting on the train on my way home) and if I want to avoid chucking my tea I need to stop blogging.

*barfs.* No, not really…


For some strange reason my nails are hard, usually they break for nothing, but now I’ve got nice pointy fingernails. Last time they looked like this I was pregnant with the little one (things that make you go hmmm). I’m sure I’m not pregnant, very sure, but I can’t think  of any reason why my nails suddenly started to behave like I want them to. I painted them a lovely pink colour, but that’s kinda stupid since it’s going to chip off soon. That’s what you get when you have a baby and diapers and have to wash your hands every other second. But tonight I’ll enjoy having pretty nails: My my, they’re lovely…

Tomorrow it’s back to work, I have a parent-teacher conference in the afternoon (unless the mother cancels on me again) and the pleasure of only teaching my IB students. Not that my non-IB students aren’t lovely… it’s just that the actual course is so much more fun. But I guess it’s what you make it, and I try my hardest for the students to have a good time while learning English. Equal amount of work and play.

19f3c3ae411511e2808622000a1f9aaf_7You might have read something about me being on a diet… Yeah, didn’t go so great. I think I only lasted a day; my self discipline is nonexistent. I try so hard to only eat things that are good for you, no candy or cake or crisps. Yesterday I seemed to have forgotten all about that when the kids and I had to kill some time; stuffed my face with a Danish pastry (plus a glass of Fanta, that my son all of a sudden decided he didn’t like).

Hating going to the gym is another thing that doesn’t help me losing weight and getting slimmer… although I realized that listening to a good story (in this case The Hunger Games) makes the time on that hated cross trainer go so much faster. Now I only need to find the power cord for my mp3 player (it would suck if it ran out of power next time I forced myself to work out).

Now I need to decide what to do with my bangs tomorrow (they’re waaay too long) and also if I’m tired enough to not bother with contacts. Decisions, decisions, decisions… f557ef443ebb11e2abce22000a1f96d4_7


It’s sooo weird, not having assignments that need doing. I can actually do what I want this weekend… Freedom!!! (what? wait? I have kids that need tending? oh yeah…) So, instead of laying on the couch watching Pride and Prejudice for the millionth time, I’m stuck in front of Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame – ain’t life grand?


My best shoes

I tried to get our hair cut today, but there was a very long wait for me and my daughter so the only one who has a decent hairdo is my son. I made an appointment for Thursday, I so need to get this done (otherwise I’ll never be able to find myself pretty). We have a staff Christmas party on Friday and my very good friend and I plan to have a blast! For this I need: pretty hair, nice clothes, my fav shoes and enough makeup to cover the sleepless nights I keep having (thank you baby girl).

Funniest thing happened today; I bought some wine (I make the best Italian beef stew) and the clerk asked me for my ID! After checking it he couldn’t look me in the eyes, but I saw him sneak a peek – as if he couldn’t believe I’m passed 30! *pmsl.*

Not even close to 20...

Not even close to 20…

Well, now I need to tell the twins that even though it looks bad, things will turn out just fine in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. 


Okay, so I sent my uni assignment in on time; which is a first for me this term. I think it sucks big time. I don’t have the time or energy to do it well, worst excuse ever, I know. We’re supposed to be looking for literature and/or previous essays with similar topics and so far I’ve not done that at all (why does it have to be so serious?).

What I need to do is to go sit at our local library and disappear from the world for a few hours. But how do I do that without feeling bad about not being with my kids on a Saturday? And now Christmas is coming along, with everything that “needs to be done” and all I want is to stay at home and bake and make decorations and just enjoy being with my family.

Tomorrow’s another day where I won’t have time for my studies since I need to take the twins, and myself, to the hairdresser. I would love to get my hair coloured, but that takes hours and with the kids coming along that’s just not going to happen. I’ll be lucky if they can cut my hair without the kids going crazy from waiting (I can picture them hanging from the ceiling).

It’s snowing (again), I don’t think it’s really stopped since last weekend. A lovely winter wonderland, if only someone would shovel our driveway (yeah yeah the husband does that mostly, but he’s starting to whine about it, and I tire of listening to him)…


Next week I’m going to uni for seminars, hopefully they won’t trash my assignment completely.






“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.”

― William W. Purkey



(taken from

I suck at math.

It’s almost like a handicap, because I seem to always get my numbers wrong. Today is a prime example of the fact that I can’t use math in any way.

One of my classes is going to start to work with some students from the Ukraine; we’re using Google+ and the hangouts to talk to each other. This is a great thing! I don’t have to come up with everything we do myself and the students are really looking forward to it.

Now to the problem: I forgot about the time difference and now we only have 30 minutes to do this!!! I’m such a bad bad bad teacher. (No, don’t argue with me! I AM a bad bad bad teacher.) Epic fail. *drum roll and takes a bow.*

I almost wish I did get stuck at home today… *grumbles.* I forgot to bring lunch as well, if I wasn’t on a diet (stop laughing!) I’d go buy tons and tons of chocolates from the cafeteria.

I guess I could go and eat with the students… Nah, ain’t gonna happen.


Alright, I’m all for snow in the winter. Big big fan! But this… this is getting ridiculous!!!


I spent about one hour shoveling snow on the driveway, we had about 30 cm or something close to it, and it needed to go if I am to have any chance of getting to work tomorrow. Funny thing (oh hahaha); if they don’t bring the snowplow round before 7am I’m not going to be able to get out of here. We have a good 50 cm out on the road at the moment and it’s not looking to stop with the snowing anytime soon.

I’ll get stuck at home, feeling lousy that I’m not at work and wondering if they believe me when I say I’m snowed in. They don’t have as much snow in the town where my school is at (it’s a 40 minute drive by car); on Monday I started laughing while walking from the parking lot into the school. There the snow barely covered the ground, at home we had it up to our knees!

Anyhow, this year I can believe we’ve entered December and that Christmas is just around the corner. Last year was such a downer when it came to the snow department, I think even Christmas eve was without snow… and that’s just plain wrong! It’s not as if Santa has wheels to put on his sled, because then it would be a wagon.

“Rudolph with your nose so bright, will you guide my wagon tonight?” No no no! We can’t have that and if this snow goes and melts on me I’ll get really cross! Stupid global warming…

Alright, alright I’ll shut up now. Need to work on my assignment for university anyway.


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