It’s cold. I’m watching Pirate tend the goal in the second hockey match he’s played today. Both girls were fine with watching the first game, they both want to go home now… and I totally agree. But I’m weighing the happiness of them against the sadness of his if we’re to leave before the match is over.
Gah, parenthood!

I’ve played Dragon Age Inquisition quite a few hours since Wednesday night and I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Now more than anything I want to leave this freezing place and go home to my Xbox.

In a few hours we’re meeting up with my husband’s family for “julbord”, which is a smorgasbord full of Christmas foods. I really need to get home and put my face on and brush my hair.

Anyhow, 3 more minutes left of the first period, better watch my son tend the goal.


I love these advice. Love ‘em!

Keep Writing!.

tuchankaFrost is still covering the ground. It’s half past noon on December 1st. I can only hope the cold stays and that we’re blessed with snow soon enough. November was dark. So dark and rainy and gloomy. December has to be so much better in the weather department (or I’ll go on strike!).

Pumpkin turned 3 yesterday. She was hyper all day and a few hours before bedtime she crashed and everything was WRONG! This morning she was her old cheerful self again, she got to wear a dress and it was cold enough for the overall (which she wanted to put on right after breakfast, before brushing her teeth).

Tomorrow I’m going to Uppsala (work thing) and I have to get up at 5.30 to make it… I’m not fond of getting up at “OMG it’s too bleedin’ early o-clock”. But on the plus side of things: hotel breakfast! Yummo! 

Anyhow, I have a galaxy to save (or rather, I’m beating up and shooting things on Tuchanka).



The horde is at home today. Pirate had an upset stomach yesterday, Princess has the sniffles and Pumpkin gets to stay home just because.

We’re watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and had a small slice of chocolate cake for dessert after lunch. None of them seem very ill, but it’s always better to be sure than sending them off to school. I think the twins will be able to go back to school tomorrow since neither of them are very ill today.
We’ll see…

My mum and dad are coming over this weekend because Pumpkin turns 3 on Sunday. She’s actually 3 years old! I can’t believe how fast time flies… my wee baby (I’m getting old, not that I mind, it’s just a fact).
We’re having Hogwarts Express cake and Spider-Man plates and cups. She told me these are her themes for the party (proud mama moment here, excuse me while I wipe away happy tears).

Anyhow, the film ended and I have le stüff to do…



I’m cold. Ridiculously so. Snuggling under two blankets and with a fire going doesn’t seem to be enough.
I’m tired too and I suppose that’s why I’m this cold. The plan tonight is to go to bed early-ish, but we’ll have to see about that.
When the kids have brushed their teeth I’m reading a passage from The Hobbit before we tuck them into bed.

I’m so tired…

Anyhow, they’ve promised us sunshine tomorrow. I’m planning to take a long walk if that’s true.



I’m going to put prose to the side for a while and focus more on poetry. Because I just feel I really need to write poems.

Whenever I now try to write prose it ends up as prose poetry and not fit for the novel(s) I’m trying to write.
So I guess I need to get down and dirty with it and get it out of my system (not that it ever is, it only lessens its intensity and leaves me alone, enough for me to do prose).

Anyway, I need to finish Mass Effect 2 now. The galaxy needs me!



OHMYGOD! *happy dancing and chocolate eating.*

Originally posted on James Wymore:

After a long wait, I present to you…

Actuator 1.5 Pback

The Actuator 1.5: Borderlands Anthology in TRADE PAPERBACK! And somewhere along the way, it also became available for the Nook at B&N.

It was a great experience working with all these authors. We have a LOT of great reviews up now, too. If you’ve been waiting for the physical copy, wait no more!


This is probably a good time to give you an update on The Actuator 2: Return of the Saboteur, too. I have the first round of edits back, and I’m working through them now. So, hopefully the next book in the series will be out in a few months.

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I’ve written 50 (?) words in 5 days. I think I’ll just let the Fail Fairies dance all over me this year.

At the moment (after a weekend of work and a shoulder that aches and the sads) I can’t find it in me to write. The story is there, in my head, but I don’t have the energy to make it happen right now.

How do people do this? I neither have a room of my own, or time of my own, or any of those other things (like discipline…) that I would need to succeed. I suck.

Anyhow, it’s darker than ever (like always in November) and the sads has me in its grasp. I’ll just go buy (and eat) my own weight in chocolate.



I’ve written 120 words today, yesterday I wrote 0.
I don’t know if this story is going to work…  but I want it to because I really like it. And I have a good chance of getting this book published. Which is nice.
I’m beginning to think I have to forgo sleep to manage NaNoWriMo this year.
I can sleep when I’m dead.

The darkness of November doesn’t really help in any way either. I just want to stay in bed, maybe read, most definitely play video games all day long…
A girl can dream right?

Anyhow, crapload of stuff to do at work and I’m working this weekend (we’re at camp Friday to Sunday).



Today is so dark. Like November decided to come at us with a vengeance. And this rain. I had hoped for a lot more of that delicious sunlight. I need sunlight! Don’t think it helps that I most definitely feel like I have the worst case of The Monday’s, ever.

Today I can’t get anything written on my NaNo piece, it’s stuck and I don’t know how to get back at it. So I’ll write something on another text and hope that this will make my brain jump start.

Anyhow, better make more tea and get writing.


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