We’ve had +30C these last few days. It’s been glorious and incredibly hot. The mornings we’ve spent outdoors playing, midday inside trying to keep cool and in the afternoons we’ve gone swimming.
I truly love summer.

Last night we went to a bbq, there were three families all in all and we had a wonderful time. The other two knew each other well, so we were sort of “the new guys”, but they are such sweet people and made us feel right at home.
I made banoffee pie (my drug of choice at the moment) and there was a big Omnomnom – all gone!

It was midnight before we all went to bed, so today is a wee bit on the quiet side. We talked about going swimming, but that’s after Pumpkin has had her nap.

Anyhow, I’ll just sit here out back and listen to the wind in the trees and love everything about the world.


imageWhen it comes to books and movies I can get very (very very) emotional. I cry every time at the end of Forest Gump, Brokeback Mountain and LotR (book and film).

When I read TFIOS (The Fault In Our Stars) I ugly cried for most of the last bit of the book (snot and all!) and now that I’m rereading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows I keep sniffling off and on.

I’m also mentally preparing myself for Snape’s last scene… Right In The Feels! Every time.




Today I crushed Meredith’s evil rule in Kirkwall. I had sorta thought I’d crush her after the kids had give to bed, but the last fights were: cut-scene -> fight, cut-scene -> fight -> END, and it was all done before I had to rouse Pumpkin from her nap.

Kinda anticlimactic.

Buuuut I have a mage waiting for a play through and I’m also thinking about starting Awakening (though I’ll miss not being able to talk to my companions as much as you do in Origins).

Anyhow, I kinda promised the horde I’d read the last chapters in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone tonight. Better find the book and warm up those vocal cords.


Goo_Goo_Dolls-Name-Easy_Solo_GuitarI’ve developed a slight obsession with Goo Goo Dolls song Name (go clickety to see it on the Tube). It’s on repeat 24/7, and when hubby starts getting that twitch in his eye I quickly change to another track (which means he’s still breaking out into hives since we don’t really share the same taste in music).

But then I’m also obsessed with all books by Sarah Dessen, makeup tutorials on YouTube, Twitter and how soon Dragon Age Inquisition will hit the stores (like OHMYGOD have you seen the trailer?!) and also: because, Cullen (Swoon! Yes, yes I am romanticizing a fictional character. Sa-wooon!).


Anyhow, today’s plan is to maintain my level of my “not quite totally insane” and keep the horde from tearing down the house… we might have to vacate the premises.


How are you? Long time, no blog.

I don’t know why, but there hasn’t been enough time for me to sit down and write bloggy posts (or rather, I’ve not felt like it). But there’s happened a few things and I thought I’d summarize them for you:

+ Had a birthday, it was goooood.
– Had a colleague go on sick leave, not good and tons of more work for us.

+ Lovely end of term celebrations for our kid and youth groups.
– Busting my ass to get things done on time since the workload was insane.

+ Summer arrived and workload lessened.image (1)
– Went to check on my moles and they stamped a hole in my face because of dodgy looking mole.

July, so far 
– Got results from biopsy and they’re going to cut away more of my face to make sure the dodgy mole isn’t anything really really bad.

So as you probably guessed; I’m quite bummed about the dodgy mole business. Not that it’s dodgy (because they know it isn’t melanoma, but maaaaybe a benign form of cancer), but because THEY’RE CUTTING MY FACE! My pretty face that’s been blessed from any form of cutting, until now.
Am I shallow or what… but it’s my face and I can be as shallow as I please.
Everyone goes on about that the surgeons know what they’re doing, it’s not gonna show, better safe than sorry, you’re lovely anyway… etc etc etc.

Guess what? I don’t give a fuck. I don’t want to walk around with a big patch on my face, nor do I want to do the whole “silicon plaster on your face for six months to a year so the scar heals nicely”. GAH!

Once Upon a Frozen North

Once Upon a Frozen North

Buuuut, on the other hand: my short story “Once Upon a Frozen North” has now been sent in, ready for publication.


<— Just look at this pretty pretty art that goes with my story.

I’m also taking part in Saturday Scenes over on G+, which is a way for writers to share scenes from their work and have others respond to it. It’s great fun and I’ve found/befriended/started to stalk several great writers there.


Anyhow, this flabby flab of a body won’t lose any flab unless I move it about some… time to work out, though I’d rather eat cake and read (which would only add to the flab and make me miserable, I simply can’t win).



I’m trying to write. Really trying to get some words down.


Not because I don’t have anything to write, no, it’s Pumpkin sitting in my lap drawing. She’s ill and very clingy, which is fine when watching TV, not so much when I’m at the computer (so please excuse any spelling errors etc, I’m basically writing this with my left hand).

I have a YA short story that I’m close to finishing (might have mentioned it before) and it’s trudging along nicely. I’ve also started co-writing another steampunk Viking story with a mate I met over Twitter and I’m fiddling about with stories with a nice man I’ve met through Google+ (gotta love them social networks).

Anyhow, I’m happy to say it’s close to bedtime for the kids. More writing time for me! Though I need to watch the last bit of Desolation of Smaug tonight (hadn’t the energy to watch the whole thing last night, hubby bought us a copy). All The Tired – All The Time!



Spring has come quite far now, especially with us getting rain. My magnolia has a few buds ready to burst open and I feel the same. Ready to burst open and embrace life.

Days are longer and lighter, driving home from work is no longer done in pitch black night. I’ll miss seeing the stars, but I long to listen to blackbirds in pale evening light.

Today’s plan is to not leave the house, or the yard since I need to go get the paper…

Anyway, Easter holiday is coming up next week and we’re going to go visit my parents. It’ll be grand!


I’ve spent this weekend on the Swedish west coast, with a youth group and all the things associated with that (good and bad).

The weather’s been absolutely lovely and my kids are the best, but I’m glad we’re going home.

Here’s some pictures:





I live in such a lovely country.



After realising (and accepting!) that my waistline will never ever ever ever go back to where it was before my kids were born, I cleaned out my wardrobe of clothes that won’t fit me anymore.

There weren’t that many items to clear out, but none the less I removed those I’ve clung on to (wishing they’d fit me again someday). Also I’m quite sure they have had some sort of sentimental value to me, though I can’t for the life of me figure out what that could be…

In addition to this I threw away a few clothes that were too old and ugly to be given away (the pretty clothes will be handed in to a second hand store). One pair of jeans got cut off into shorts, because before you know it summer’s here and you’d want to wear shorts.

We’ve had lovely weather these last few days. Sunshine and temperatures that make you believe spring is around the corner, if not here already!

I feel my soul stirring, my level of happy increasing every hour the sun is shining. I love spring!



Had to get up at 6 am today, because Pumpkin wouldn’t let daddy pick her up from the crib ( mum’s the best). So here we sit, in front of the telly watching a cartoon about a bee.

The twins are still sleeping and we’ll send Pirate off to school today. Princess gets to stay home, one more day to be sure she doesn’t get her fever back.
So I get an extra day to my weekend *and* quality time with my eldest daughter.

They’ve been ill this week, the twins that is, but I’m hoping it’s over for now. It’s really the first time this winter that they’ve stayed home from school.

On the other hand I’m working Friday to Saturday (mini sleepover for our youngest groups of kids, ages 6 – 9).
Work has been almost stressful of late, so much to do and even more to come. We have every weekend planned all the way to Palm Sunday and I’m working all but two. That’s how it is when you’re working at church.

Anyhow, today’s to do list includes grocery shopping, a library visit and hugging.



I can’t wait!

Originally posted on melinamarchetta:

One day I will write an account about the adaption of Jellicoe. It’s been one of the longest times I’ve spent on one project.  My first novel (Alibrandi) took about six years to write. Most of my other novels took 18 months.  The film script of Jellicoe has taken technically five years.  In working that out, it has surprised me that I was able to write Finnikin, The Piper’s Son, Froi and Quintana during that time (I miss those Lumaterans and Charynites).

It’s strange to speak about the script and say it’s so different from the novel. Because it’s still about Taylor Markham who is left behind on the Jellicoe Road when she’s 11 years old. It’s still about her being chosen to lead the Boarders in the territory wars against the Cadets and Townies.  It’s still about the history Taylor has with Jonah Griggs, the leader of the…

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