Today I found two raspberries in the garden, they were sweet and tart at the same time. I think they were the last raspberries this summer and that makes me a little sad.

I really do love autumn, the colours and the smells and the light can be magical, but summer is always summer. The long days, the almost impossibly short nights, the trips to the beach, not having any time to keep and the slower pace of life during summer vacation.

At the moment it feels like I’m running about doing everything and nothing, and I keep forgetting things (or I keep thinking I have forgotten something and that stresses me out)! I suppose it doesn’t help that I sleep poorly, have never ending headaches (head cold?) and just a feeling of meh

Last week was so intense. The anthology was released (yay yay yay!) and on Saturday we had a release party on Facebook (so much fun!). And on Sunday (was that really only yesterday?) I had two services to go to, work wise, and I was completely spent when I got home at 8.30pm.

It’s almost like it’s all a little too much at the moment, or is it that I need to do more?

I don’t know.

I feel as if I would like (need?) something to look forward to. I’ve had the book release hanging there all spring and summer, but now I’m like: “Huh… what now?” All I see are work things.

Well, there IS Gothenburg Book fair, last weekend in September. I’m hoping to get to go on Sunday (pretty pretty please let me be able to go!). I mean, can it get much better? A whole fair full of books and authors and poets and bookish people!

No, no it can not get any better.

Anyhow, people ask me all the time about the patch on my face. But sometimes they don’t, they just talk to me like they did before, and that my friends is wonderful. The scar is about 5 cm long, but as thin as scars get. It’s gonna heal just fiiiiine.


10683631_515167101961529_4906507879833625428_oYou might have seen that The Actuator 1.5 Bordelands Anthology has hit the stores. It has my short story Once Upon a Frozen North and 15 other awesomesauce short stories in it.


Anyhow, I’m so excite for this!



Chugging tea in my Curiosity Quills mug, being bloody pleased and proud that “The Actuator – Borderlands Anthology” has hit the streets!


Contains all kinds of awesomeness (steampunk vikings for instance!).


We’ve had the most glorious (last) days of summer.
Too bad I’ve been stuck inside with sick kids… the twins will have to be kept from school a few more days. The pox have yet to dry completely and wearing shoes is problematic.

My face has gone from painful and swollen to extremely itchy with stabs of pain if I’m not careful about what I do. Thank God the stitches are to be removed on Tuesday! Nine pieces of string that are to be yanked outta my face… Lovely.

There’s one week left before the big election here in Sweden and I’ve had it up to here (way above my head) with politics. They’re all fothermukkers and there’s not going to be a big difference no matter who “wins” this thing.
I loath politics.

Anyhow, I’d planned to paint my nails tonight, but it’s getting late and I think I’d rather go to bed.


I can’t wear glasses or contacts right now, because the left side of my face (and my eye) is swollen and achy (well, it’s only been two days).

Blind as a fucking bat.

I wonder when swollen is too swollen and “need of medical attention” swollen…
Thing is at the moment I can’t get myself anywhere since hubs is away working. I could call my mother in law though, but let’s hope it won’t come to me having to go show my face to a doctor. The stitches come out on Tuesday morning.

The horde is at home today, the twins have caught the wee one’s chicken pox and I kept Pumpkin home from preschool today (so I wouldn’t have to leave the house, very Phantom of the Opera of me).

Anyhow, we’re supposed to be straightening the house today, and bake muffins. I heard a rumour we’re to bake three different kinds! Oooh!




September 11th this image can be found in the The Actuator – Borderland Anthology.
It’s kinda a sneak peek of my story…

How cool is this! I’m so excite!

Be prepared for spamage


p.s. Also, there’s a Facebook release party the 11th, but I can’t get the link since I’m blogging this on my phone. d.s.



So the doc cut me. My left cheek is covered in surgical tape and I think it’s a rather big cut.

Right now I’m on the sofa, playing Mass Effect and trying not to think of how much it hurts. I can’t eat or drink at the moment, the wound starts bleeding and it just hurts too much.

Maybe this will be a good thing? I’ll not eat for a few days and get rid of all these “stuff my face because it’s delish” feelings…

I don’t know.

Anyhow, I’m actually quite sad, but crying is out of the question since that makes the wound bleed too (or the tears somehow do).
I’ll be on my sofa if you need me.



Look at this pretty pretty cover, can’t wait for the book to be released!
It got my story in it ya know… ;)

Originally posted on James Wymore:

Actuator 1-5 E-book

At long last, the next book in the Actuator series will be coming out soon. This amazing cover comes to us once again from the super talented Michelle Johnson, who also did the cover for Theocracide and, of course, book one in this series.

With 16 authors writing short stories, this anthology fills out the Actuator world with stories happening all over the planet after the great Actuation. It also continues the main storyline with my short: Cult of the Actuation.

Cult of the Actuation Titled

Sign up to join the Facebook Release Party now!

If you can’t wait 9 days for the book, you can find a free short story in The Actuator Borderlands RPG, made to go with this anthology.

Find more great books with amazing covers at Curiosity Quills Press.

View original


There’s only one thing in my mind right now – the Snickers I hid away in the cupboard when I got home tonight (I was ever so subtle).

Well to be completely honest I do have one more thing weighing quite heavily… tomorrow’s doctor’s appointment. And the question of if she wants to cut part of my face off (because cancer).
Ah well, can’t do much about that now.

Two out of three kids have now had chicken pox (son has had a fever all day and before bedtime we saw three small soon to be chicken pox). I really hope my eldest daughter gets it too, real soon, like this week. Fingers crossed people!

Anyhow, that Snickers ain’t gonna eat itself, nor is my body gonna shower itself…



I have a terrible cold and as usual I’ve lost my voice. My head’s all clogged up, my nose is all runny and head and throat hurt.

Today was spent on the sofa, watching cartoons or playing Mass Effect 1. I wish I was playing now, but hubs got home from a weekend of work things and wanted to watch football…
What can I say, I’m a nice person (though I do think he should let me play anyway, I’M SICK GORRAMIT!).

Anyhow, I won’t be dancing tomorrow which SUCKS. I’ll probably just lie on the sofa, blowing my nose and communicating by raspy sounds and (rude?) hand gestures. Fun times.


p.s. My weapon of choice is hub’s amplifier… don’t think he’ll like that. d.s.


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